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Forum Rules

Post by raphael » Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:01 pm

On Ragnanonimo's forum, the following acts are forbidden and will result in a permanent BAN to the player's account if proven to be used:
  • Act of racism
  • Direct insults with sole purpose of damaging the person
  • Abuse of swearing words
  • Extreme message spam
  • Scamming other users
  • Nudism or Violent content
The following acts are forbidden and will result in daily BAN, rising the punishment to permanent BAN if the act continues:
  • Swearing words with a true insult purpose
  • Message spam
Anything shown or written that breaks any brazilian law must be reported for judgement and punishment

We advise any player that making jokes about or swearing to other friends is sent strictly by personal messages (PMs), directing it to the right person and not offending others

Ragnanonimo Support Team

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