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Staff Registry

Post by raphael » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:32 am

For those willing to become a staff member, you must follow the steps shown in this post. To answer the questions you must send an email to with eveything asked, any topic not answered will result in denial of registry from our support team. The avaliation process lasts for 1 month after you became a staff member, but after becoming a fixed staff member, the rules are still working for you, so any break on them will result in permanent ban of the staff account

There are 3 positions to choose for a staff member and each one must work on something specific, though you can still help in other areas. these positions are:
-DEVELOPER: working with scripts, developing maps/monsters/items and correction of bugs
-SUPPORT: working with public contact, equipment avaliation (checking the game balance) and reports in general (hacks, scam, bugs...)
-PROMOTER: working to promote the game, inviting new players and creating logos for our events.
Knowing this, you must answer all following questions.

1.Q: What is your full name?

2.Q: What is your nationality?

3.Q: Do you have any experience as staff team? (can be from other games)

4.Q: Which position are you willing to run for?

5.Q: No staff member have a special treatment and they must earn their prizes through hard work. Do you understand and accept this term?

6.Q: As a staff member, you have the mute command and, in case of support member, you have the jail command, and must use to keep peace and respect. Are you willing to judge every player with justice and equality?

7.Q: All your acts are not for own profit, but to provide comfort and safety to all players. The act of selfishness is forbidden for any staff account and will be punished. Are you aware of this and accept to work for others and not yourself?

8.Q: A staff member represents the entire support team on its acts, thus being strictly forbidden any act denied by the game and forum rules. Since you represent a team and said to be aware of these situations, you must know that any disrespectfull act will be judge by the brazilian laws. Are you aware of this and accept the term?

9.Q: Which kind of comunication method do you have? (skype, teamspeak, discord, line, kik, facebook, whatsapp)

10.Q: Following the question 9, tell us you contact from each mentioned method.

The anwers will be checked by our support team and an answer will be sent to your e-mail. Be warned that this process can take from 1 to 3 days,
if you haven't received any message after 3 days, consider that the e-mail failed and please contact us on our facebook page.

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